Posted on 5/16/2023

Lobby Updates Are Complete & New Rooms Are Almost Ready!

Check-In With In The New Lobby

The new lobby is complete — check in to the Inn with a brand-new layout. Made for you to relax in and there’s plenty of space to sit down and wait too.

New Breakfast Room Is Nearly Complete

Our breakfast room is set to open this weekend, during St. Patrick’s Day weekend. Breakfast room can sit about 40 to 50 people, with new quartz countertop, LVT floor, new tables and chairs and Smart TVs.

Four Seasons Building Renovations Are Progressing

The Four Seasons Building is making great progress! The 4th floor is almost close to completion and by next week the 3rd floor will be next to complete. New air conditioning units have arrived for all these rooms. The patio furniture is set to be delivered by end of the month, giving guests plenty of room to relax.

The Pilings Are Being Installed For The Walkway

Installing the new beach walkway with new pilings

Complete within the next week, the new beach boardwalk is perfect for walking from your room to the beach.

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